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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trust Hustle // Gypsy Shuffle

Happy February everyone!

Looks like nothing has changed on the blog slack front for 2017…heyo!
I love to write but I like to write when I feel like it.
 So my Cup of T posts started at once a week then dwindled to every other & now are usually once a month.
Sometimes they are difficult to formulate (here's why they're difficult...getting deep / scroll down) & my reasoning is linked….
 I’d rather deliver genuine content that comes from my love of writing not my to-do list.
Soooo…hope everyone has landed into February with the glow of the new year. Who has given up their resolution yet!?
I took one last boxing class before I left MA & I could barely perfect my tyson moves without kicking the person next to me…so at least some people are still on the grind!
Shout out if you dropped yours after week 2…I decided February is the new January. For REAL…December is head spin month for people in the “holiday gifting” industry like myself so I think January is the perfect month to unwind.
With that, comin’ into February HOT. Actually, sweating. I’ve been in SO FLO for about 2 weeks…80's up in here. I have been to the beach everyday & I've turned into a different race. Next stop CA & a big change of scenery…stay tuned on where I am headed.
TRUST hustle // GYPSY shuffle
Is going DOWN!
 I leave FL for CA this week. I love going with the no plan, plan in my personal life because when it comes to Trust, my calendar = head spins. 
I‘ve been planning what I need to get done, who I need to see & where I need to go once I get to the West Coast…I’m getting ready to shift modes. I haven’t been in work flow here & it’s weird. I realized I never really “vacation.” I take a lot of trips, see a lot of cool new places & cities but I am usually tying my travel into work.
Here in SO FLO…besides screen life…there’s not much of a work flow or inspiration at that. SO I’ve been soaking up the sun & enjoying it but I am ready to get back to the trust hustle. It’s been weird having so much down time. I could get used to happy hour & beachin' everyday but unfortunately, I can’t retire yet….bank accounts are just NOT yet there….(sigh.)
(Always a sunset chaser!)

Can't wait to reunite with my West Coast sistah's who always bring me inspiration...
(summer daze)
(art INSPO from my talented cheika)
when your homegirl is a chef
Shine Tribe YOGA with one of my favorite YOGI's, neighbor + sistah girlfriends

giveaway happening now!
photo shoot planning
stockin’ UP the WEST COAST
meetings with some boss BABES
working on some NEW…another chapter to Trust is comin’ atcha….

been digging' this quote...lately it's proven itself

Just a quick update for now…see you on the other side.
West Coast…here I come!


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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

2017 is going to be FULL of life.
Now that things have slowed down a little bit…
the holiday parties are over, the trust orders have no rush shipping, I’ve come out of my sugar coma…

I am ready to welcome the new year!
 (...comin' in hot)

January can be slow... business wise for me. I love it because it comes after one of the busiest  months of the year. (I wrote this, then got 3 huge orders that will be consuming my January before I leave...jinxed myself) If you own a business, I think it’s a perfect month to take a step back & separate yourself from your business. I usually take the month to get ready for upcoming travel, set intentions, new goals & plans of actions. Along with that, do “adult” things like phone calls, insurance hassels, paperwork, accountant meetings, organization aka get my shi* together.

I pulled out my 2016 goals & went over them. I accomplished a lot of THINGS that I AM psyched about but…. after recapping, I realized those THINGS weren’t what I got the most out of.
I’ll explain…

Yes, a lot of checks on the bucket list.
I got my first beach apartment in CA…making my dream of bi-coastal living happen. I went to Vegas with Trust, participating in one of the biggest buying trade shows in the country. I got Trust into a showroom in LA and hired someone. I made it the mountains more times than I hoped to. I saw a lot of live music. I styled the photo shoots I dreamed of styling. I road tripped cross country. I connected with people & made friendships that will last forever. I camped in the middle of no where Texas. I made it to the PNW. I upped my states traveled to 41. I got my handstand in yoga. I bought a bison skull at a trading post on the side of the road in Sedona. I partied at a commune on a cliff in Big Sur by accident. I saw SO many shooting stars that night…I still can’t get over that.

For the REAL…
I started journaling & morning meditation last January. I know the most common thing to say would be, "who has time for that?"  Whoever says that has to read, Miracle Morning.  If theres something you really want to do, you have to make time to do it or else you’ll live your whole life not doing the things you want to do because you “didn't have time.” 
No one has time, you make time.
 Anyways, journaling & morning meditation has become a habit and my morning routine is something I love (my hammock helps!) Make yourself a nook...a place that brings you inspiration to have a kick ass day. 
You can’t say, you don’t take 5 minutes in the morning… to check your phone the minute you wake up…(btw awesome must-read article about this here...)
Have a phone-less morning...

 (is that a word? it is in my language)
 This year, I experienced the scariest thing in my life.  Out of it, I learned a lot. My heart grew...I never knew how much love I had inside of me to give. I was always told I was a selfless person & I do believe that to some extent but everyone has some form of selfishness as they should…its healthy! 
After this experience, I did become a lot more selfless & a lot more present. I learned how important the people I have in my life are & how much love is around me. 
I live a life I want & love. If you’re not, get to living!
I have my health & my people...SO many special people. I have an overwhelming amount of love & support and I am grateful for it everyday.

Material things are fun! (I love new shoes)
Experiences & Travel fuels my soul. 
But the unplanned things…can really teach you a thing or two…you get hit with life & have to handle it. Your reaction to it teaches you a lot about yourself.

Trust Stuff
My creative wheels have been spinning for a couple months now. Now that life has slowed down a little bit, I can put my ideas into action. I only have notebooks fillng up in every direction.
Stay tuned for some exciting new ventures comin’ atcha!

Books I am Loving
You are a BADASS…if you haven’t read this you’re missing out BIG time...I have read this book at least 3x & I think everyone needs to.
Miracle Morning…this was an off & off read for me but I got some life changing habits out of it.
The Desire Map…currently working on this.
A Short Guide To A Happy Life...this is one of my all time favorites...simple life!

What I’m Into These Days
This made me LOL (at myself)
A month ago I would be saying…baking sugar cookies, christmas breads, vino, holidays treats…all the things. 
I think I actually overdosed on them.
NOW (like everyone else in the world) I am detoxing like…

LESS Social Media…its overwhelming me. I rarely look at facebook...I don't have the app on my phone so sometimes its days to weeks. Yes, I'm very out of the loop when its comes to gossip but I don't care about most of it anyways...I like when my friends fill me in. I used to love instagram but NOW its even getting too much. I don't even know what I want to share anymore to be honest.

Being OUTSIDE...I LOVE being outside. Lately, I'm an icicle...I will admit. I make it a point to be outside everyday & it makes me a better person  ; ) 

I'm planning one of my best friends weddings! MOH status over here... 

I’m into collagen lately…I put it in my morning smoothie or beet juice. Preventing the aging before it comes ; )
I’m trying to UP my probiotics…healthy gut=healthy life…all the kombucha.
I’ve always drank apple cidar vinagar in my water (Bragg's only!) It helps with so many things...even better...a shot of Fire Cider.
TURMERIC…cooking with turmeric is my new thing. Here's a  golden milk recipe I love. It’s a miracle spice…check it & get on the Tumeric train. 
(YUM to the top)

Where I am Going
Let the Wanderlust Begin…
South > West > Ocean >Mountains
you'll see 

So enough about me…just being so selfless over here ; )
I want to most importantly, THANK everyone who has supported me & Trust and continues to. Because of you, I have my dream job. You guys make my world go ‘round. That is the TRUTH.

Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

'Tis The Season

// Cup of T Holiday Gift Guide //

November & December have been full of Holiday Hustle. 
I pledged to shop small this year. Since I am on both coasts my shop local sometimes is spread wider than “local” but its supporting small business's like my own that is what's most important to me.

Another tip to shop smart is to buy things that you would like to receive…that’s how you know it’s a good gift. Then... if you over- buy, you get a little To-Me From-Me out of the deal ; )

Here are my top 10 favorite gifts that I am giving this year!
1.   @lafortune_artisania macramé // I LOVE these succulent hangings & the maker. My girl Heather (Cape Cod native) just started her business but has been making these since she was a kid. I’ve been set up next to Heather at many shows this season & she SLAYS the macramé. One of my lucky friends is getting the cutie pictured above!

        2.    FlyingBird Botanicals Tea // Packaging ALWAYS gets me... ALWAYS! I am the girl who over pays for cute packaging BUT the contents are SO worth it. I’ve been giving these teas as gifts since I discovered them at Morrice Florist on the Vineyard. A few of my favorite shops sell them & they’re the perfect gift paired with a mug.

     3.    Moon Phase Calendar // I buy a lot of gifts from Little Lark…they are  based out of Portland, OR. This year, I found a CAPE COD moon phase calendar designed by Fishermans Daughter...her shop is on Main St. Chatham. I might have got myself one too...we did a trade though, so it doesn't count.
       4.    SoulSunday //  If you know me, you know I am crazy about skin & skincare products. I don’t just love this stuff because one of my girlfriends, Shea is the co-founder…but this stuff is MY JAM. I use the facial scrubs every night & have oil rollers & lip balms in all my spots (Desk, Car, Bureau, NightStand.) I love SoulSunday for gifts because they use all natural ingredients...only the good stuff!

        5.    Ocean Love Designs stamped bangles // are whats up! Dani is supah talented & hand makes every little detail in her jewels. Before I started Trust, I always bought jewelry... I still love supporting & wearing other jewelers work. 
    I'm always wearing shell bangles Dani made me & halffullLA seed beed bracelets (I love Denise too & I have a promo code for these if ya need one!)

      6.    Mermaid Tails...for the littles! I discovered the BEST mermaid tail company...Hampton Mermaid Co. They’re small & local (west coast ) AND their tails are made with quality material. My good friend Brooke of Brooke Rodd sells them & she ships : )

7. For anyone who is a granola freak like me (or food in general) I found a great gift!
My ALL time favorite granola is Boulder Granola. I fell in deep love with it when I lived in CO & continued to order it online….BUT I discovered @thelocaljuice's granola & they sell it in their pantry! This is one of those gifts that needs to be placed in the trunk  / way back of the car / out of arms reach.

(a little something for your holiday host’s)

         8.    PAINE Balsam Fir Incense // This is better than a candle (in my opinion.) Paine is a family owned company from Maine est. in 1931. The Balsam Fir incense is basically a Christmas Tree in a box. 
      These were one of the gifts I "to-me from-me"…like when you buy 2 pretending you have someone else in mind but really it's you.  I got some cute matches (I got mine at Weekend in Orleans, MA...I always buy these matches) to pair.

        9.    ARTichoke Dish Towels // My girls Katy & Lizzy have been little ART elves all season long in their studio in Orleans. They screen print EVERYTHING they sell in the back of their own shop. It’s a really cool process to watch…they’re two little, paint-mixing art chicks, super mama’s and total boss babes. 
Their Tea Towels + a homemade baked bread make the perfect hostess gift!

      10.    LunaWishes // Banners + all the party props you'll ever need! Owner, Michelle is one of my best friends so even if I hated her products I would own them but turns out I LOVE them & have too many!
Every holiday party needs some Luna swag.

So there you have it! 
Some of my favorite gifts I am giving this season.
Wherever you are in the world, I hope you choose to shop local & support small.

Thank you ALL for supporting TRUST this holiday season...because of you, I am able to support other small makers this season : ) 


PS For anyone who's buying Trust...use promo TISTHESEASON for free shipping!