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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hotel California Collection

Hotel California

South West x West Coast
welcome to the world!

hope you enjoy!
photography x  Leila Brewster

Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Spring!

Back to the Beach
March in the Mountains (check the last post!) was the life…but so is the beach. This is why I moved back from Colorado…I couldn’t be away from the beach. There’s nothing like it when you grow up on the water. I’m also a cancer which is a universal sign that I shouldn’t be away from the sea. I’m essentially a mermaid.
Anyways, I am back to the beach & back to the trust grind. I’m currently planning to launch Summer TRUST…new line + head spinz. There is so much that goes into launching a new line…behind the scenes, website work, updating catalogs, shop meetings, photo shoots, product shots…the list goes on & on…but it all leads to the road of awesome.
So that’s happening…
My soul sistah Leila is shooting again for this photo shoot & I couldn’t be happier. She shoots mostly weddings & said the highlight of her year was shooting The Nomad Collection. The highlight of mine was road tripping cross country with her. That was such a compliment…the truth is, I wouldn’t want anyone else to shoot. She’s my number one stunna. She just gets me & understands the vision I want to create, every time! 
Photo shoots are my favorite part of launching a new collection. When I come up with inspiration to create a new line, my head spins with ideas. I fill up notebooks with scribbles & notes until I organize enough to figure out what exactly I want to execute. Its much more than the actual designs of the jewelry...I don't just pick out charms & follow trends. I like to create a story with each I have a vision for my story then a photo shoot that brings it to life. 
This line is a representation of what I love & what represents me. It sounds very self centered so far (haha) but its hard to give a hint without spilling the beans. 
Think Southwest x Beach. That’s all, now you will have to wait. 
Launch date is in May then we are celebrating with a launch party in little oceanside...San Diego…
hosted by All Ye Citizens YAY!

A few other updates…

Coachella Party at CocoRose Boutique was LIT
The girls that work there, know how to hustle! 
The girls that shop there, know how to hustle! There's determination (gotta get the hottest outfit + the best deal) there's dedication (waiting in line on a sunday morning) there's discipline (can't be hungover for this kind of shopping spree)...theres a lot of things. I have never seen SO many girls shopping at once…the line out the door was mind blowing to me. So many college babes dropping DOLLA's on coachella outfits. University in soCal is on another level.
I personally could never shop like that.  I love to shop but I love shopping solo & in a calm environment so I don't make impulse purchases. Just lol-ed at myself. That doesn't work because I make them all the time. 
poppin' bottles 

Vineyard girls unite!
Trust will soon be available at Vaalbara Supply…Vaalbara’s retail shop located in Newburyport, MA. #EastCoastChicks

Adventure Sundays are back!
There is SO much to do & see on the west coast. Every Sunday consists of a new adventure...hikes, road trips, new towns, new places, friends & food...its my favorite day of the week. 
SoCal is in SUPERbloom right now! Poppies everywhere.

Coachella giveaway is goin' down...keep up with the insta game for details! 

I will be heading east for summer to get up with my east coast accounts & my homegirls! Back to Cape Cod I go.
For now, soaking up the west coast & sending sunshine east.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March in the Mountains

Happy March from the mountains everyone!
February Trust Hustle/ Gypsy Shuffle was REAL.
In my previous post I was sitting in SUNNY SoFLA drinking coffee & planning a beach day. Right now, I am sitting in sunny Mammoth drinking coffee & planning a snowboard day.
 I would say life if pretty good.
I spent two weeks in SOCAL squeezing in as many Trust road trips, meetings, coffee dates, friend catch ups & business slays as I could. I also squeezed in an adventure to Ojai, hiking in my favorite spots & happy hours at my favorite places. 
I was immediately re-inspired being back in the hood.

 I visited a few new trust accounts that had ordered when I was on the East Coast. It's always really cool to walk into a shop & see trust jewels in my face…I still think to myself…how the hell? Trust is still pretty small & I love it the way it is. 
I’m not trying to blow up & compete with millions of other brands. I want it to always be a genuine representation of who I am & what I love. 
Small & Simple. Handmade & Creative.
Trust is enabling me to live a life I love & that’s all I want.
 I created this so I could have the freedom to travel…and do work from wherever I wanted, really. I now can take off to SoFLA if I want or move to mammoth for a month and work remotely. I can go snowboarding on a Tuesday afternoon, beaching on a Monday, Hiking mid-day. The thing is, anyone can have a life they want…When you level up your idea of whats possible + decide to really go for it, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it.
I will never apologize for living a F yes life.

All Ye Citizens dreamy shop
Trust Road Trip to OCEANSIDE
I spent a day with Dani, owner & boss babe of All Ye Citizens. I worked with Dani back when she was bloggin' life & then ran into her accidentally in Nashville. She always told me when she opened up her own shop, Trust was on the list. Dani opened up All Ye Citizens this year in Oceanside, CA. It was so cool to see her dream alive!
From SoCal to the Mts 
Meetings with my homegirl soul sistah @thewestsidecollective at the local brewery...what's better than beers & biz meetings?

Mammoth Hot Springs...I could write a novel on our trek here. 
Woman Vs. Wild

Last year, I took many trips from the beach up to the mountains & I always felt SO inspired being here. I never wanted to leave. So this year, I asked myself where do I really want to be. Where do I need to pull inspiration for some new trust work…and the answer of the mountains came to me.  I will never take this office for granted. 

So here I am. I moved to the mountains for the month with two of my best west coast girlfriends. We have the cutest AirB&B with a little fireplace that we already broke & we wake up ON the mountain everyday. Some days, I go to the local coffee shop to do work…other days I wake up to hit the first runs FULL of powder. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Mammoth is having a record year for snowfall…HELL YA CA is no longer in a drought!)

I always say the most challenging part of owning a business...maybe even of life, for me, is living in the moment vs. planning ahead. I have lots of trust plans in the shoots ahead, meetings, designing a new line = headspinZ. Thats why when it comes to personal plans I love the no plan, plan. For right now, I am enjoying this peaceful moment looking out the windows at snow banks that reach the second floor windows & I am so grateful.

I love getting sappy sometimes. 
Happy March Y’all.
Stay tuned for what's ahead!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trust Hustle // Gypsy Shuffle

Happy February everyone!

Looks like nothing has changed on the blog slack front for 2017…heyo!
I love to write but I like to write when I feel like it.
 So my Cup of T posts started at once a week then dwindled to every other & now are usually once a month.
Sometimes they are difficult to formulate (here's why they're difficult...getting deep / scroll down) & my reasoning is linked….
 I’d rather deliver genuine content that comes from my love of writing not my to-do list.
Soooo…hope everyone has landed into February with the glow of the new year. Who has given up their resolution yet!?
I took one last boxing class before I left MA & I could barely perfect my tyson moves without kicking the person next to me…so at least some people are still on the grind!
Shout out if you dropped yours after week 2…I decided February is the new January. For REAL…December is head spin month for people in the “holiday gifting” industry like myself so I think January is the perfect month to unwind.
With that, comin’ into February HOT. Actually, sweating. I’ve been in SO FLO for about 2 weeks…80's up in here. I have been to the beach everyday & I've turned into a different race. Next stop CA & a big change of scenery…stay tuned on where I am headed.
TRUST hustle // GYPSY shuffle
Is going DOWN!
 I leave FL for CA this week. I love going with the no plan, plan in my personal life because when it comes to Trust, my calendar = head spins. 
I‘ve been planning what I need to get done, who I need to see & where I need to go once I get to the West Coast…I’m getting ready to shift modes. I haven’t been in work flow here & it’s weird. I realized I never really “vacation.” I take a lot of trips, see a lot of cool new places & cities but I am usually tying my travel into work.
Here in SO FLO…besides screen life…there’s not much of a work flow or inspiration at that. SO I’ve been soaking up the sun & enjoying it but I am ready to get back to the trust hustle. It’s been weird having so much down time. I could get used to happy hour & beachin' everyday but unfortunately, I can’t retire yet….bank accounts are just NOT yet there….(sigh.)
(Always a sunset chaser!)

Can't wait to reunite with my West Coast sistah's who always bring me inspiration...
(summer daze)
(art INSPO from my talented cheika)
when your homegirl is a chef
Shine Tribe YOGA with one of my favorite YOGI's, neighbor + sistah girlfriends

giveaway happening now!
photo shoot planning
stockin’ UP the WEST COAST
meetings with some boss BABES
working on some NEW…another chapter to Trust is comin’ atcha….

been digging' this quote...lately it's proven itself

Just a quick update for now…see you on the other side.
West Coast…here I come!


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