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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Fall!

My favorite time of year is here! 
I love fall for so many reasons…the cooking, setting new intentions, planning travel AND pumpkin everything of course.

Here is a little recap // personal mix-ins, whats on my mind, whats in my plans, whats up with trust...all the whats!
Portland, OR Saturday Market Fleur's 

East Coast >> West Coast
I just got back from Portland, Oregon celebrating two of my favorite people. 
Serena & Jay got married!
 They recently moved from the island to Portland.
 It was SO fun to have the whole Vineyard crew back together. Everyone is doing different things, living different lives & in different parts of the country so the reunion was REAL. I unplugged for the entire weekend not even on purpose…because I was so happy to be in the moment with some of my favorite people. I am still laughing from that weekend...

October is…Breast Cancer Awareness month.
A topic that is really important to me. Not only do I have one of the most humble, heroic, generous, supportive mama’s in the world…she is also a 21 year survivor. As many of us have lost loved ones to the battle of breast cancer (and other cancers) we can all probably agree, if you have your health you have everything.  
Trust will be teaming up with Her Campus to Stand behind & stand up, Stay tuned…

What’s cookin’…IN my head (and IN my kitchen)
Here I go with the personal mix-ins…
I have been thinking SO often lately about life & health & wealth. 
I feel so lucky to have my health…here we all are, living in a world where having materialistic things means you have money and getting so many “hits” on instagram means your cool and having so many followers means your successful…
lets get REAL, who cares.
As I have said before, I do realize social media is one of the most efficient business tools (for me too!) I also justify my shopping purchases to convince myself I need these boots because it’s a solid addition to my “uniform.” (Because I don’t have to buy business casual/ professional clothes or scrubs for my job really means I need to purchase these…#eyeroll at myself) 
I am also guilty in getting wrapped up in all of the things but the truth is...
 I believe if you have your health, you have it all. 
I also believe food is medicine…fueling your body with quality foods provides you with the essentials (vitamins, minerals, energy) - Dr. Trust
A coco a day keeps the dr. away!

With that little ramble…here are some of my favorite things happening in my kitchen!
·      I LOVE roasting vegetables. In the fall, all of my favorites get thrown into the mix. Butternut Squash, Beets, Sweet Potato, Apple, Onion, Eggplant
(Extra Credit: Don’t throw out your beet greens…I have been blanching the greens & sautéing them in Garlic & Olive Oil)

·      I just made this….Quinoa Sweet Potato Chili. It made SO much, I froze half of it!
      ·Guilty Baker…I usually could care less about sweets (exception ice cream) In the fall…THAT ALL CHANGES! I have baking FEVER. 
     All I want to do on chilly fall days is bake..I come up with so many excuses & think of all the people I can bake for. Anyways…just whipped these Paleo Pumpkin Cookies up.
And then…I almost ate the whole batch.

Back to Business…
Thanks to my SUPAH awesome showroom in LA, I have a few new accounts trustin’ in CALIfornia…stay tuned! 
Also…welcomed  3 new states to the trust tribe…check out the Trust Stockist where ever you are in the world!

A BUNCH of new/ vintage turquoise is Up...check it here!

I have been REALLY busy with trust stuff…so much that sometimes I’ve said outloud that I wish I could clock in & clock out of a job. Sometimes my head spins & I have to walk away & go for a run. Sometimes the world only see’s the glory & not the endless hours of work. I then have to remind myself that dream jobs take work…and the hustle is all worth it.

If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t have the job of my dreams.
So thank you all for always supporting 
(even though I think I have 3 blog readers in total...still love you though!)



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mixing it UP

Sharing things that you don’t always see. 

 Trust was built with a mix of things that speak to me…travel, adventure, culture, good food, sustainable living, inspiring people, energy, earth elements, memories & dreams.
I started Trust so I could have the freedom to go when & where I wanted to go.
I decided to share some things non-related to Trust that make me tick… These are unedited & unorganized thoughts that may include run ons & random things…but that’s whats up!
I hope you enjoy.

·         SEA LIFE // I feel lucky to wake up everyday by the sea. I lived in Colorado & missed the ocean more than I ever thought I would. I love the mountains. I love to camp, hike & snowboard…but there’s something about the sea. My life bucket list includes owning a house by the sea & a house by the mountains. Dream Big!

·         TECH // "I want a flip phone." I say it that all the time. A lot of my “business life” is based online & through social media. The truth is, I couldn’t run my business without my phone, I actually need it… so when I shut off- I shut off. I don’t like having my phone out when I’m out or looking at it aimlessly. I’m distracted from the moment if I do so. I want to be focused on the people I am with & soak up the moment. I love leaving my phone upstairs & being downstairs. I love leaving my phone inside & being outside. So many people are glued to their phones, its sad. Give yourself room to live…be present.

·          SWEAT // Sweat is such an important aspect of my life…of my everyday. I run, a lot. It does a lot more for me than burn calories & shed the weekend guilt. It’s my time to think or not think & release any anxious energy I have built up. 

       CALM // Staying calm is my MO. I've heard it from so many people that I can't count...its flattering to me. It's the best compliment I ever get. Its easy to be an easy person. My life is a balance between go with the flow + hustle...for me its the best way to live. Life hits you when you least expect it...I've experienced that, and you just gotta go with it.

 SIMPLE LIVING // I recently was asked what my favorite day of summer looked like...its pictured below. The beach, the clay cliffs, happy hour on the porch, a sunset kayak, oysters on the half, a friends house for dinner, a bonfire and a full moon midnight swim. Salty from the beach & 0 cell phone service. 

·          EATING // Sustainable living is so much more important to me than anyone would think from what they see. I love to eat & I also love cooking. I should mass produce hummus the way I eat it...also guac. I believe food is medicine- the food you eat fuels your body, nourish it with the good stuff!


Monday, July 11, 2016

East Coastin'

“Theres no where you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”
–John Lennon
Trust Travels
from the sea > to the mountains > to the desert > to the south
I am back at the sea & it never felt so good!

I left CA with my road warrior/ soul sistah Leila…I love being with people that are easy to be with & Lei is just that.
We went with the no plan, plan.
 I knew I had to be in Austin & Nashville for set Trust meetings & appointments but  other than that…no plans.
 It’s so much better to take the pressure off of a road trip & travel.
I like to pull over when I feel like it & enjoy the view, check out a small town, take some pics in the middle of the road (happens when you travel with this photog), maybe make a pitstop or 5 for side of the road Mexican food…just whatever happens.
We set out at 5am & drove for 17 hours. Me, Lei and Michael Jackson the Furst…(check the back seat)

Full Circle
We almost stopped at a hotel on the side of the road but when Leila mentioned Marfa, Texas, I remembered reading about a campground months ago that I thought was just a dream. I never thought I would end up in this small town in the middle of no where Texas. We drove another 2 hours to make it to Marfa & camped at El Cosmico. It was meant to be. I really only cared about a clean shower & a comfortable bed. We woke up to a land of magic. The full moon was still up & the sun was rising. Also…the bed was like sleeping on a cloud. After a sunrise adventure & photo shoot, coffee & exploring…we set out, destination: Austin. 

Austin was 1000 degrees. I was only there for 24 hours so I do have to go back & really explore. I had a Trust meeting & got jewels into Hoiden Supply Co. I always imagined selling Trust in Austin. Other than that, we spent time seeking ALL the AC. I was really missing an ocean breeze & felt like I was sweating out tacos that entire leg. It’s hard to be land locked in the heat without being a brat that you grew up as a beach baby & can’t be away from the water…but I managed to do so. Anyways, when I go back, it will not be this time of the year.
Our Air B&B with a broken AC!
Air B&B Children

I left Leila in Texas & road tripped to Nashville solo. I didn’t mind it at all. It was a break to digest my first leg of the trip, reminisce on El Cosmico & Austin and get excited for the next leg. I think it’s important to be able to be alone & with your own thoughts…and that’s just what I did. I hit up the Austin whole foods before I left, which is also the headquarters, which is also SO overwhelming & SO big…I got all the snacks & all the cold brew coffee to keep me going. I made it Nashville in 13 hours & it felt like a breeze.
I LOVE Nashville. Every time I go there, I feel so welcomed. Everyone is SO supportive of Trust…and it helps that I have a best friend, Ash, boss babe of  Jam Catchers who lets me bunk up with her & makes me guacamole & brings me to the best ice cream shops & the best live music venues. I stocked up all of my Nashville stores and had some qt & good biz convo with the shop owners that have now turned into friendships. I feel so lucky to be supported by such supah boss babes & be able to connect one on one with the people who give me a job I love, everyday. 
If you're in Nashville shop Trust here...and get a pressed juice there!

After 5 days in the dirty south, Me, Ash & Tallulah, our golden co-pilot were "On the Road Again." We drove straight switching off to take naps in between. We were zombies by the time we crossed the MA border but it was so weird/cool that my licenses plate finally matched everyone elses. 
After 23 hours of driving, these are the things you notice…

I am now back to the Cape Cod grind & couldn’t be happier. These are the shops that got Trust to where it is now & these are the people who’ve supported me since the start.
CA is cool but this is my land & these are my people.
More travel pics over on the 'gram...check it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Welcome to the world NOMAD COLLECTION…
My favorite part of launching a new collection is seeing my vision come to life. I couldn’t have done it without the talented, Leila and my two babe models. Check out some BTS shots…
Red Rock Canyon 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

The slack is back… 
I haven’t been on the Cup of T game lately but its not that I haven’t been writing. I write a lot…I just don’t share or get around to it being busy with other things it hasn't really been a priority...
I have this constant roller coaster of how I feel about blogging & separating myself from my work. I think it's really important to find a balance with your life, you personally & your job…even if you do love what you do- and I certainly do...A LOT! It can become an addiction and it took me a while to understand how to shift my energy at the end of the day or in different circumstances. It’s a challenge but I’m getting better at it.

Also…I constantly post & ask myself who really cares? Does anyone really give a shit that I am drinking a green juice or a coconut or went hiking or am at the beach or waking up with the sun? I say it to myself all the time…but I do understand its all part of the game!
For anyone who does care- my days change from day to day. They always start early (I can’t ever sleep in-so annoying) I sit in my hammock and drink black coffee (+cinimmon) Recently I discovered a new raw coconut creamer I sometimes use….(this is something I would see posted & in my head say who gives a F) I always read my horoscope…Cancers are the best, just sayin'. I sometimes write…lately its just writing my list of todos…but getting it on paper is my thing. I then head out for a twerkout…usually a hike, a run or the santa monica stairs…werkin’ da glutes. I prefer yoga at night or hip hop. I eat spoonfuls of pb or almond butter on the daily and a lot of coconut. I then day slay away filling Trust orders, emails, stocking shops…etc. If I can make the sunset-it makes my day. I can walk to the beach & catch it…although now its setting behind the mts...anyway its my favorite thing to do.
I used to blog 1x a week, then it was 1x a month…then I started to feel like it was a chore…and I didn’t need another todo on my list. Also, no one really cares about my coconut creamer, I know it & accept it. Another reason is because I lost one of my biggest “blogger” fans…I think I have a total of 3. My aunt passed a year & a half ago (it still seems surreal.) She was like a mother to me…she introduced me to chocolate covered cashews- now my favorite candy. Anyway, since shes been gone, the blog posts haven’t been easy to formulate knowing I won’t get a response from her. I miss her a lot. She was a huge part of my life & now its just a closed chapter. She always had fresh flowers in her house so now I do the same. When I blog, I make sure they’re next to me. Right now, I am looking at a mason jar of sunflowers. It somewhat feels like home. Not to get deep or anything…oops just did ittttt. 
Did the dahm thing...yano?

Lots has been going on with Trust- exciting stuff! If you’re in on the IG game you can follow along @trustjewelry. Whats coming up…
Photo Shoot
New Collection
Vintage SWAG
Trust Travels
Summer Living

Happy Sunday, Happy May!



Friday, March 4, 2016

Trust goes to Vegas

Vegas Recapp //
Its been awhile…new year hustle & tradeshow prep means neglecting the blog…but whoever actually reads this is used to that ; )

I decided to just copy & paste that line from the last post because I realized I start every post the same way so now I am just going to insert my reasoning for slacking. 
Jan & most of Feb, I was in hibernation prepping for Vegas. I took a few days off to hit the mts which was much needed to refresh & reboot after weeks & hours on the grind.
Travel feeds my soul…I will never say no to an adventure.

Trust WENT to Vegas & the hustle was all WORTH it.

Vegas isn’t my favorite place…at all.
 I went when I was 18 for dance & loved it. I actually wanted to move there instead of moving to college. That didn’t go over well.
Now…8 years later, I would probably rather eat a bowl of mayo than move there. For any who knows me that’s a HUGE statement, I can barely look at mayo.
It was AWESOME being there (biz wise) amongst brands, lines and people I’ve always looked up to. BUT I couldn’t wait to get out to the desert to adventure, road trip & explore.
That’s the beauty of this job.
I mix my favorite things…trust hustle & travel…and that’s why  I love it.
Vegas was full of familiar faces & a lottttt of new faces. 
I kept a  notebook so I wouldn’t forget…saving bizcards, emails and connections.
The week was exhausting but I couldn’t be happier about it.
The feeling of working long days is so rewarding to me. I was honored to be an “exhibitor” at  MAGIC // one of the biggest buying markets in the country.
Even if I did have bags under my eyes everyday and lived off trail mix for breakfast, lunch and some dinners (gotta cut when you can.) A full moon has passed since I have been back which calls in for Refresh & Renew. 
I think 2 weeks later, I finally am starting to feel it.
One of the familiar faces that made my trip complete was Emma, owner of Citrine on Martha’s Vineyard. She’s also my soul sistah. I wouldn’t  have been in Vegas if it wasn’t for Emma & life on MV. I started Trust when I was working at her shop a couple days a week to balance out the craziness of waitressing & bartending in such a hectic environment. I loved Citrine because I could walk from my apt & it was always a mellow, comforting place. Emma was my first real friend on the island and till this day she is still one of my favorite people in the entire world. I have never met someone so genuine, talented and humble. I started selling antique key jewelry in Citrine and from know the rest.

I got to see my KuDeTa girls.
Its pretty important to me to maintain business relationships & friendships. Kudeta starting carrying Trust a few years ago & since then, they have treated me like their own. It was really special to  see them in Vegas & dine (and wine) and night cap at the Bellagio.
So fancy.

I could write forever about my experience but plan to share all of my new stores & friends as we go.
Can’t let out all my secrets now.

ADVENTURin’ through the desert…
Kaitlin (from the east coast, Italy friend, friend from kindergarten…you’ve all met her) Kaitlin flew into Vegas & helped me at the show. From Vegas, we roadtripped back to CA where she spent a week living here with me.
We hit up the Hoover Dam on our way out & made it to the Grand Canyon by dusk…brought a picnic & wine and watched the sunset & the moon rise.
  We stayed at ze CUTEST A-Frame Air B&B in Flagstaff and had breakfast in town and ordered almost one of everything on the menu. 
Avo toast, egg tacos, almond name it.
We stopped on the side of the road  a lot to support the local makers slingin’ their turquoise…I wanted it all.
We hiked in Sedona. 
We hit a trading post where I adopted Baby Bella, my bison skull. I bought too much southwestern swag and I want more. I know I will go back there again some time in my life.
So much on the road ahead…
We’ll be trustin’ at AbbotKinneyMarketPlace in Venice 3/12
Seal Beach & Long Beach Trust jewels comin’ atcha at Elison Rd..
Sisters of Nature & Castilleja Nashville are stocked UP
Trusin’ the OC at CocoRose Boutique…stay tuned for our Coachella event!!!!

Longest Post Evah. For whoever is still here reading, HEYO!
Thanks to each & everyone of you.