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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

West Coastin'

Back on the West Side 
Hi everyone…I am alive.
The blog slack is back…it never left but this might be the worst slack since I started Cup of T. Does anyone notice I start every post like this?…last time I wrote was SUMMER!
West Coast Hood Life

What Season Is It?
I love fall…but I have been seriously seasonally confused.
The entire month of September was spent traveling. I hit 6 states & 4 different time zones. Along with that, it felt like 3 different seasons.
I started by flying to CA…heat wave status.
The day after I landed, I road tripped with Zoe to Denver…we stopped in Zion…hot by day, cold by night. (If you haven’t been to Zion National Park, you MUST go…I felt like I was on Mars.

 On our way from Utah to CO…we drove through the mountains…and hit a blizzard…white out status. Zoe hasn't drove in snow in 12 years so it was very fun. 
 Denver was perfect fall weather. 
The only day I saw of Fall that looked like Fall

I flew from Denver to Nashville for Trust biz…got to Nashville & it felt like I walked out of the airport into a Sauna. FINALLY back to CA…wore a beanie one day & a ‘kini the next.
So I am not kidding around when I say I was seasonally (also time zone) confused. After a new moon, a time of renewal & a few weeks back in my own west coast digs, I am starting to feel settled.
It feels good to be back…

Nashville got the best of me…always does. Best of Trust I should say. Thanks to my homegirl Ashley of @JamCatchers for always hosting me...making me feel at home...feeding me guacamole & taking me to all the places. 

So excited to have Vinnie Louise as a NEW Nashville account. 

CastilleJa stocked UP
Native + Nomad stocked UP

If you're taking a trip to Nashville...FOR REAL...get The Nashville Guide or follow @thenashvilleguide for all the GOOD spots to eat, drink & shop. This guide will take you outside all of the tourist traps. Also shoutout to of my photos is published in it. 

I’ve been hustling planning for the holidaze which sounds crazy but its right around the CORNER! I am flying home for a zip trip to see my locals, the people who have supported me from the start & slay trust at Love Local Holiday Edition…come see me & SO many other awesome vendors...drink some Cape Cod Beer & shop LOCAL.

Back to CA for a couple weeks for some West Coast holiday celebrations then back home again for the holidaze. I will be poppin’ up at a few of my East & West coast shops for holiday trunk shows…stay tuned on dates so I can see you all!

 whose shopping trust for the holidaze?
shop now-12/1 with promo earlybird at checkout for 10% off!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

East Coast Summer

East Coastin’
the blog slack is back…it never left but this might be the worst slack since I started Cup of T.
We all know I love to write..but on my own time & in my own language. Whoever knows me well enough knows I speak in my own tune. I have Cup of T to reflect on life, adventures, travels…really for myself.
 I am always moving so fast through these things that I feel as if they don’t get as much credit as they should. So if I write about these experiences, I can hold onto them a little bit longer.
Anyways, I like to write when it comes from a genuine place.

Life has been a WHIRLWIND since I got back to the east coast…& Trust has been a WHIRLWIND since I launched Hotel California.
 A change of pace on the REAL.
My life in California is  a bit more simple & I love it that way. My life on Cape is spinning & I also love it that way. It’s the perfect balance of hustle & relax. I feel so grateful to be able to live bicoastally to soak up a bit of both. When I started Trust, I always said one day I would have the best of both coasts & here I am, living in it. When life gets crazy, I try to sit back & remind myself…of this little excerpt below I once wrote & tucked away...

"Trust has fulfilled my dream & enabled me to live the life I want…
How lucky I feel that with this little job…I can fuel my soul with adventure. Because of everyone who has supported me along the way, my desire to let go of society’s expectations & have a job that allows freedom has solidified into material form. To travel, to chase sunsets, to be still, to be creative, to hustle, to adventure, to see the color of the ocean in different parts of the world (one of my favorite things about traveling!)
My visualizations have brought my dreams to fruition and here I am. Traveling these roads back home…Living my dream life." - T.RUST

Your life should make you smile, and if it doesn’t, you should change it.

Cape Cod Summer
I finally was able to reach the speed limit on the highway after the craziest July 4th weekend. I think everyone in the country came to the cape. I didn’t have much cellphone service all weekend but I like that. I spent it from beach to bbq to beach to bbq to friends to bonfires to family…it was the best.
Cape Stores are ALLLL stocked UP.
 These familiar faces… these shops…these people… have supported me since the start of Trust…really who have enabled me to get to where I am. Its so cool to be back hangin’ with them & keeping them trustin’
They’ve been keepin’ me slayin.
Also check the newest Trust account...South Boston...the CUE!

I’ve been spending time with my hometown home girls which has been so sweet. These girls are like sisters to me. I hug them a little tighter each time I leave but every time I return, its like I never left. There’s something so special about real friendship. I like to keep all of my friends close…maybe not in distance but in my heart. I know it sounds corny but friendship means a lot to me & I believe when you find someone or something you love, you should hold onto it.

I’ve been cooking & dancing in the kitchen with my grandmother, A LOT. I visit her at least once a week.
 She’s my priority, that lady. Its so nice when she feeds me thirds & bakes homemade biscottis then tells me “you used to have such a ballerina body.”

Spending the summer on the beach, slaying jewels & catching sunsets.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hotel California Collection

Hotel California

South West x West Coast
welcome to the world!

hope you enjoy!
photography x  Leila Brewster

Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Spring!

Back to the Beach
March in the Mountains (check the last post!) was the life…but so is the beach. This is why I moved back from Colorado…I couldn’t be away from the beach. There’s nothing like it when you grow up on the water. I’m also a cancer which is a universal sign that I shouldn’t be away from the sea. I’m essentially a mermaid.
Anyways, I am back to the beach & back to the trust grind. I’m currently planning to launch Summer TRUST…new line + head spinz. There is so much that goes into launching a new line…behind the scenes, website work, updating catalogs, shop meetings, photo shoots, product shots…the list goes on & on…but it all leads to the road of awesome.
So that’s happening…
My soul sistah Leila is shooting again for this photo shoot & I couldn’t be happier. She shoots mostly weddings & said the highlight of her year was shooting The Nomad Collection. The highlight of mine was road tripping cross country with her. That was such a compliment…the truth is, I wouldn’t want anyone else to shoot. She’s my number one stunna. She just gets me & understands the vision I want to create, every time! 
Photo shoots are my favorite part of launching a new collection. When I come up with inspiration to create a new line, my head spins with ideas. I fill up notebooks with scribbles & notes until I organize enough to figure out what exactly I want to execute. Its much more than the actual designs of the jewelry...I don't just pick out charms & follow trends. I like to create a story with each I have a vision for my story then a photo shoot that brings it to life. 
This line is a representation of what I love & what represents me. It sounds very self centered so far (haha) but its hard to give a hint without spilling the beans. 
Think Southwest x Beach. That’s all, now you will have to wait. 
Launch date is in May then we are celebrating with a launch party in little oceanside...San Diego…
hosted by All Ye Citizens YAY!

A few other updates…

Coachella Party at CocoRose Boutique was LIT
The girls that work there, know how to hustle! 
The girls that shop there, know how to hustle! There's determination (gotta get the hottest outfit + the best deal) there's dedication (waiting in line on a sunday morning) there's discipline (can't be hungover for this kind of shopping spree)...theres a lot of things. I have never seen SO many girls shopping at once…the line out the door was mind blowing to me. So many college babes dropping DOLLA's on coachella outfits. University in soCal is on another level.
I personally could never shop like that.  I love to shop but I love shopping solo & in a calm environment so I don't make impulse purchases. Just lol-ed at myself. That doesn't work because I make them all the time. 
poppin' bottles 

Vineyard girls unite!
Trust will soon be available at Vaalbara Supply…Vaalbara’s retail shop located in Newburyport, MA. #EastCoastChicks

Adventure Sundays are back!
There is SO much to do & see on the west coast. Every Sunday consists of a new adventure...hikes, road trips, new towns, new places, friends & food...its my favorite day of the week. 
SoCal is in SUPERbloom right now! Poppies everywhere.

Coachella giveaway is goin' down...keep up with the insta game for details! 

I will be heading east for summer to get up with my east coast accounts & my homegirls! Back to Cape Cod I go.
For now, soaking up the west coast & sending sunshine east.